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Nature's Earth Equine Pine

For many years, shavings have been the standard choice for horse stall bedding. But as it is with most products, desire for innovation inevitably leads to the development of superior, more cost-effective alternatives. To this end, Equine Pine horse stall bedding was created. Made from 100% kiln-dried pine pellets, Equine Pine is cleaner, more absorbent, and costs less in the long run versus other horse stall beddings. Sound too good to be true? Click here for proof that Equine Pine is the superior choice.

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Nature's Earth Equine Pine

Equine Pine is made of 100% pure pine pellets that absorb moisture and destroy odors naturally. The unique make-up of Pine bonds with the ammonia and neutralizes it fast. Also, because the Pine absorbs moisture quickly, it makes mucking the stalls much easier and less time consuming, all while reducing the pesky fly population.

Equine Pine has several advantages over traditional horse shavings. Please click on the graphs below to learn more about each advantage.


Will my horse eat Equine Pine pellets?

Horses may taste it but it tastes terrible and it’s so absorbent that it sucks the moisture out of their mouth. The pellets are 100% natural, so they will not harm your horse. Equine Pine horse beddings have been used for many years and no problems have been reported.

Do I need a special bedding fork for cleaning the stall?

You do not require a special bedding fork, but because the pellets are smaller than shavings it is recommended that you use a fork with finer tines. These bedding forks are becoming easier to find with the rapid growth of pelleted beddings. We recommend the Shaken Fork, which you can purchase here: http://shakenfork.com/

Is Equine Pine safe for my horse to foal on?

Pine is perfect for your horse to foal on! The pine pellets will help to reduce the risk of sources of bacteria, and navel infections. The natural make-up of pine neutralizes the ammonia from horse waste causing for a safer, cleaner environment for a horse to foal.

Why is Equine Pine so absorbent?

The compressed pine pellets of Equine Pine animal bedding are like thousands of tiny sponges that will absorb up to 3 times their weight in liquid. As you can see by the chart below, Equine Pine is the most absorbent animal bedding available.

Does Equine Pine horse bedding require a stall mat?

Equine Pine does not require a stall mat, but you will use less product if you do use one.

What is ``kiln dried`` and why is that good?

The kiln is a large building that is similar an oven where the sawdust is heated to dry. This process removes all of the oils and resins which makes the sawdust sterile. These oils create aromatic hydrocarbons, which are harmful to respiratory systems and can cause liver damage.

Instructions For Use:

Equine Pine pine pellet horse bedding is easy to use!

  • Strip Stall
  • Spread pellets evenly – 1″ deep
    (approximately 5 to 7 bags for a 12×12 stall, adjust accordingly)
  • Spray water lightly on pellets to expand and fluff


  • Remove solids daily and pick wet spots as they become apparent.
  • Add pellets as necessary (approximately 1 bag a week). Moisten to expand and fluff.
  • Bedding should be slightly moist to the touch, moisten when too dry.
  • Strip stall as necessary (approximately every 4 months) and start fresh.

Manure Management:

A problem facing all horse owners, regardless of the size of their operation, is manure management. This is something that is becoming more of a problem with the ever-increasing legislation regarding disposal.

Equine Pine® is the answer! Disposal volume will be reduced by up to 50-60%. With shavings, the manure pile is more bedding than manure. With Equine Pine you pick only the manure and wet spots and remove very little bedding. When you reduce the amount of waste, you reduce the amount of consumption and cost. In addition, if you are paying to remove the waste, these costs will be dramatically reduced.

An added bonus is that the used sawdust and manure makes some of the highest quality compost available. There is actually income to be made if you choose to do so. Go to www.o2compost.com and find out more about this. One of the testimonials on the site is from a farm with 12 stalls that used to have removal costs of $4,800 a year. After composting they were selling $7,700 a year to a local tree nursery. That’s a positive swing of $12,500. This was enough to pay for all their bedding needs and then some!

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